Blake Friis

Stand-Up. Stories. Life Stuff.

Blake Friis (pronounced like freeze, but with an 's') could have made his family proud and become a fourth-generation farmer in rural Iowa. Instead, he embraced his indoorsy side and became a writer and stand-up comedian.

With quick wit and smooth delivery, Blake entertains audiences with stories from his rural upbringing, adjusting to city life, and his short-lived run as an aspiring Dad Blogger.

In 2016, Blake teamed up with singer-songwriter Ryan Atkinson for his most ambitious project yet, Mama's Boy, a one-man show about growing up after his mother's suicide. The show opened with a sold-out run at the Fishtank Theatre in Kansas City, and drew praise for its raw storytelling and natural humor. He has since performed the show for colleges and high school audiences, in an effort to reduce the stigmas of suicide and mental illness, and empower others to seek help or reach out to those in need.

When he's not performing, Blake is being reminded by his lovely wife that he left the basement light on again. He also coaches his four-year-old son's tee-ball team, The Chaos. They don't keep score, but he's pretty sure they've won more than they've lost.