Blake Friis

Storyteller. Activist. Loss Survivor.


If not for the lure of khakis and fluorescent lighting, Blake may have become a fourth-generation farmer in rural Iowa, where he grew up doing the kind of chores that inspire young men to pursue careers of khaki and fluorescent lighting.

Blake is an advocate for suicide prevention and mental health awareness, and an expert in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

His one-man show, Mama's Boy, about growing up after his mother's suicide, has drawn critical acclaim for its raw storytelling and unexpected humor. He has performed the show for colleges, high schools, and community events in an effort to reduce the stigmas of suicide and mental illness, and empower others to seek help or reach out to those in need.

When he's not performing or helping companies change the world for the better, Blake is being reminded by his lovely wife that he left the basement light on again. He also coaches his four-year-old son's tee-ball team, The Chaos. They don't keep score, but he's pretty sure they've won more than they've lost.